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therefore we still adhere to the scrofulous theory we
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the Scarlatina when the state of the fever and the appearances
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sive and friction murmurs may be heard over the sides and back.
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ally raising and drawing out his limb till he seems ready
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conium and stramonium being highly recommended by English physicians.
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It must be confessed that the attendance at the meeting
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erally accepted or officially adopted limits for the
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was recently attending a case of labor in the family
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of life convulsions preceded death in both of Sorgente s patients
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selves to acknowledge their ignorance on points re
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hunchback with that which is so destructive of the hip joints of
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in tar and paraffin and that from cliewing or smoking
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after death consolidation of right lower and middle lobes right pleu
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they are excited by some chemical irritant as distinguished from those
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local preparations and plant extracts. Over time these
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Mechanical Pressure of Cells on Each Other. The theory
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cause I could not trust any nurse to watch for me. And
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