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The pathological anatom}- of malaria is so closely related to the

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astonishing n)eihod of medication, and I predict will lead to wonderful

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is due to the formation of oxybutyric acid. Howland and Marriott 2

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the inspirations were 04. When questioned, his answers

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thought to be one of acute osteomyelitis of the tem-

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disease following any emotional disturbance, instead of

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extent in cellular tissue under the skin was remarked, and apparently the

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discharge — pus from the one, not from the other — is one of great

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gerated frequency of pulse, dry brown tongue ; the temperature

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I do want physicians who are happy being physicians,

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time prevalent among physicians with reference to the state of the

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Dr. Speidel : . The case of the sudden death of Dr. J. is particularly

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by Professors Gross and Pancoast ; the Obstetrical by Professor Wallace ; and the Medi-

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shown that after tving the pancreatic duct no milky chyle

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the patient, will surround him with the atmosphere of steam.

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be enumerated boiling water, vomited matters, and puriform secretions

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as secondary results rheumatic pains, harshness, and dryness of the

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A subsequent quantitative determination of these in the urine and stools

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tubal mole, chronic salpingitis, and cyst of the ovary. We

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bronchial glands) ; in 20 in the abdomen (in 12 certainly and in 2 possibly in

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organism. [etc.] [Baumgarten], Leipz. (1902), v. 18, pp. 650-651. [W% W™. ]

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Dental Hospital of London and School of Dental Surgery, Leicester

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effect upon the action of the heart in warm-blooded animals, it was necessary, as in tbe

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fallings; the serum will be absorbed and reaccumulate. Some par-

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indifferent, ought to be changed. If the horse is fed on oats and

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in another part of the city. Attacks of diphtheria followed

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sion of limited portions of a kidney affected with tu-

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five calories per pound of body weight : a rather ample diet.

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days represents the increase of weight so often recorded from

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largely upon the relative extent to which the glomerular portion of

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This young man continued to visit me at intervals of about

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sometimes appeared to be much more rapid than could have been antici-

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The community seems to have flourished, and their work, both in

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tion about ten years ago, speculates that the symptoms may be due to

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will report to commanding officer at that station for temporary

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sion for her father or on the other hand has thought-

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protect the organism from toxic influences, but to sus-

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be repeated, if necessary, in protracted cases ; or at the slightest sign

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