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The classification submitted by the committee follows

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based upon the reports of the superintendents of the experi

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tion. This is followed by weaker contractions of the ventricles arhythmia.

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Dr. Duell has just reported a number of cases slightly similar

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of the glandular depressions in the proliferating mucous

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each member. Several replied that they had never seen cases

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by all classes of people practitioners and the public alike abscess of

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gravity and dark yellow in color containing a small quantity

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Adequate treatment of the mother after weeks of gestation will bring

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that the gastrocnemius of the cat consumes when supporting a similar load

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of a single individual. The single cell lengthens as it grows then

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aggravated by a dose of castor oil indiscreetly given by an

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arthritis have many points in common with cases of septic arthritis or joint

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glistening grooves caused by the jaws of the forceps

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Applications are restricted to physicians who have had

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lation to the forthcoming meeting of the New York State Vet

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very much impaired over the front as well as back of the

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the free ends of which grow the round spores or conidia

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tuberculosis glanders and which are eliminated by the kidneys

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slow similar to the gradual recovery of the power of absorp

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the cultures were sterile except the one from the liver.

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ways indicated to isolate the sick and to disinfect the floor of the

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