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that it will meet with general favor in the medical profession.

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An APPROVED TREE FARM may consist of 15 to 25 acres of beautiful trees — pine,

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fact that the bowels are more or less distended by morbid secre-

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marked improvement in the circulation. This observation is of especial

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It must be borne in mind here, as in connection with the action of

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1. Very wide trepanation, which is not limited by the

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efficient for the relief of catarrhal laryngitis were used during

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Capt. W. H. Gillette. U. S. Public Health Service, who

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other on its ulnar side. The former laid open a number of cells or cavi-

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from bacterial origin, as in cases of ulcerative endocarditis or pyemia,

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on both sides. As this nerve supplies all the perineal

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low and the pulse rapid, the dicrotic wave may be developed to such an

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all day, and taxed his strength to an almost incredible amount.

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