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plications the bandage must fit smoothly over the skin
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Of cardiac complications pericarditis is rare and has been met with
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the irritability of the stomach is very marked sedatives and alkalies
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conclusive if we could show that it is more jrevalent
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prepared to acknowledge that much weight and importance
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Council to secure relaxation of this regulation have been negatived
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from his practice by means of scrupulous antiseptic precautions.
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long as four hours to require a second intubation. Should however
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After a brief consideration of the etiology of the disease
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and I have had here will be the beginning of a friend
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was specific for the tubercle bacillus and how much might depend
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aromatic spirits of ammonia with Hoffmann s anodyne spirits of chloro
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the Academy of Medicine has given the history of a very severe epidemic
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Dk. T. Pagan Lowe describes in the British Medical Jour
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U g and. If broken these Syringes can be repaired on tbe spot
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need congratulate themselves still tne fact that the work of
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cases the communication being made for the benefit of the
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normal in ten to fourteen days. In about a quarter of the cases
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lished and the two movements are blended again. This is
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asked but to the Relation of the Veterinarian to Public
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per cent were engaged in various activities of war work a large
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thing but help tik myopic patient whose eyea are elon i
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sugar. In addition to refuting any exaggerated ideas concerning
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lor this gentleman never saw a case of it until he attended this
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a fistula by which for several months a large quantity of purulent serosity
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THARSIS MINES Province of Huclva Spain Medical Practitioner. Salary
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Dietetic. The old authors laid great stress upon regimen in epilepsy.
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Yellow Fever is reported to be prevailing on the Isthmus
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questioned about the sensation she remarked it felt as if a pin were
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times this change takes place over the whole eye ground
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symptoms as marked uterine tenderness delayed involution
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difficult the drowsiness gradually passed into deep stupor and death took
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lieve muscular contraction in abdominal pelvic exami
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tained and dribbles from him unawares his bowels have
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to help the patients unwind from the intensive rehabilita
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when contrasted with the total number of cases examined are
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not teach physiology. The sense most readily affected