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are unfit and unsafe for the use of a family. Horses
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ring afterward injected several testicles and spermatic cords of
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is the sire of twenty-eight in the two-thirty list, thirteen
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commenced upon the right thigh and hip, of an erysipelatous character,
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On Bleeding in Affections of the Brain — both matters of obvious importance,
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Vol. CXLI, No. l.J JiUSTU.W MKDIL'AL AMJ ^^CA't.'/f'AL JolJliXAL,
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5. The end-point ta alcoholic solution of phenolphthalein in similar
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ized and valiant bersaglieri having made a most favorable impression.
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were thickened and there were some recent vegetations on the mitral
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which she emerged with paralysis of the right arm —
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Such a course does not prevent a man from keepmg up some
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formed, but " after some weeks " suddenly disappeared.
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the neurotoxic potentialities of the influenza toxin? Is the effect con-
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was selected as being a digestible food not liable to produce accidental
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Research Committee of Great Britain, gave 75 per cent. B. influenzae
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three years previously she had fallen down stairs, striking upon
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stages, and the best way to find out a roarer is to run him yourself.
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The Wassermann reaction in the blood serum was unchanged. The spinal
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the possibility of pyloric obstruction should warn us against a too hasty diag-
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in the flexion and extension of the limb pass through theca) upon
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ration. In excitable persons, especially in children, the height
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symptoms are very slight, and the patient is convalescent M-ithin a week
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neither direct nor indirect physiological influence over the organ. Living,
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ened to with much attention, and after some discussion, it was
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agreed with him. He, however, admitted that there are many
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(4) Employment of Vaccines in the Treatment of Localised Infections
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Napoleon uttered a great truth when he said, "The future destiny
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The same condition also continues after delivery, probably so long
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seized with an eruption upon the genitals, which rendered
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of the uriniferous tubes are to be found in a state of granular degenera-
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inate can be formed with acetic acid and NH4OH respectively. The
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of work, they may be classified for statistical pur-
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the chief source of infection of man himself. In many parts of
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Thousands of his clients in this city and State looked up to
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