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■^ofder of the bowels in vari(nis degrees of prevalence and inten.sity

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One fc. of the extract = one gm. of belladonna root. Stand»riz:d so

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An incision, through the skin and cellular substance, was made

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replaced. After the last cauterization the membrane, in three or four

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in which a large tap for escape of water should be inserted, and the

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pervious material. Still, formaldehyde is the best practical

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Smallpox ix Scotland.— During the past year the smallpox was

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1 86 L Part I. " Redwood on Di,dy>is," P/iannacei'iticaf Joitnial t'ur April, 1852. " Daube-

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is eliminated in great part by the mucous membrane of the

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felt itself obliged to endow witii official powers, the strain on tlie de-

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of the brain, 1— dysenteiy, 1— epilepsy, 1— fever, 2— scarlet fever, 1— typhoid fever, 3— gas-

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one the surgeon, attributed tiiis to some cathartic in the tea, cofl'ee, or

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against pediculi. It contains 1 part of larkspur seeds to 16

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its usefulness is by no means limited to this special class^but it will bo

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The stretclicr resting upon the j^round, at the word " ready," giv-

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tive Dcrvous influence, the leus, instead of being retained at its proper

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It is a useful demulcent in covering and protecting inflamed

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shaken with air. It is only in poisoning by enormous quan-

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the animal, together with the dark, green- colored urine, are

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Solution of feri'ic chloride, 250; alcohol to make 1,000.

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number of settlements formed of these buildings — e. g., in the Lake of Geneva,

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movements are therefore lessened in frequency tliroughout

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served, chiefl}' through its instrumentality, we cannot express too

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[Commanicmtcd for the Boston Medical and Surificul Journal.]

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ly on the palms and soles of the feet than on other portions of

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" In my report, last year, I took occasion to refer to the wants of this class of

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ling winds of March to strike them in a way to produce

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ciently. In the second stage of acute diseases, as pneu-

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