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congestive heart failure and 3 code 99's. This should be a

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ascending stairs quickly, the patient is threatened

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mouth, interfering thereby with the process of mastication.

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The glory of demonstrating the practicability of the sur-

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injured in about 25 per cent, of the cases, once at its upper third

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tened to the capsule of the lens by adhesions. The anterior capsule of

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At one time could not lie down for 12 months; an attack every

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be passed unanimously, and probably not obtain a majority of

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self that evei^^^MQgis carefully done. "Ke^p careful watch ot tlieluaneys

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resulted, on the ninth day, in a radical and almost simultaneous

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of lead is the sulphide, — ^the galena of the mineral-

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that has been under the care of another, the one who assumes that

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twenty days, and the patient was discharged. Reference

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is somewhat surprising to me that my modification and

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We beg leave here to remind him of his promise to admit

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aiministrative ranks. 'This is one of the delusions worthy of Sir Charles

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cysteine to have an effect, replacement of sulfhydryl

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The Effect of Thorium X on Anaphylaxis- by Egg White

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thirty-five cases were for disease, and of these, five

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sudden variations in the size and position of the tumour.

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natural condition of the organs, with the exception of conges-

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it is certain that the examples cited by our author

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science is encumbered with many loose opinions, and some

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minute doses of Pilocarpin,s such as g\j to g'^ of a grain, seems to

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only excelled by the appalling consequences that overtake the innocent

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covered with callosities from the excessive use of the scissors in

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tingent upon endometritis with its concomitant neurasthenia

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causes of disease, and (b) as to th« effects of remedies. At

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is usually a dietetic affair, but is sometimes due to lack of muscular tone.

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to keep the bowels quiet. One grain immediately after

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early this morning. Slept well ; no soreness of throat ; eruption

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eight years of age, was not larger than many girls of

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