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J., Phila., 1897,' xviii, 373-387.— Hill (.I.W.) Shall our

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1. — Mingazzini claims for Galassi the priority of the dis-

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tissue, the parts are more tolerant to the procedure than in the cadaver.

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lenses of his own grinding, described living germs seen in his

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| amount of blood sent to the lungs must have been very small,

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Were the results, however, as bad again, it should never be neglected

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tally obstructed as to be rendered mechanically incompetent

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abnormal could be detected in the heart, but the impulse was

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Chicago has arranged two courses that will be of spe-

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child-bearing age, of vaginal pessaries, wisely selected and skilfully

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On January 17, 1872, when I last saw her, she was down-

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cases of fracture he frequently sends out of Hospital within a

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to make a microscopic examination of the abdomen. Now the parietal peritenum

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exist as a predisposing factor in the causation of dis-

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The idea of giving up a whole day to excursions in the

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consulting physician), who very kindly came immediately, and, after exam-

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over with the iron, without using the cotton, will answer, although less

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^ Evans, George H. : California State Journal of Medicine, 1916,

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form of treatment has its use, but is far froiji being satisfactory.

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for a consultation; to which request they gave their

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litic abscess. In the latter series the diagnosis was clinical,

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My experience soon taught me that it was far prefer-

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there was no history of a congenital nsevus. The tnmors had been

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the use of gelatinous or oleaginous substances (among which may be

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He was assisting in handling a heavy timber when the

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the bacteriologic findings made possible by this latter pro-

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vocal fremitus is enfeebled. The impulse of the heart cannot be located.

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they were many years ago. Every detail is worked out, and

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