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salesman or book keeper who else by the proper culture and
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The above sketch graphically illustrates the hydraulic analogue. Re
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Case. A soldier aged had dropsy of the legs scrotum
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been fully treated of by Siemens. It is well known that
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formerly Paregoric Elixir. This tincture is now called by the British
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attack loss of appetite dull and weak with unpleasant sensa
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he had informed Dr. Buchanan Johnson had sent for his
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abdominal pain and obstinate constipation which after the
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on making numerous sections through it no tumor was found nor traces
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now stands firmly on his feet the tread is again elastic.
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get into the neck of the bottle. The shaking should be continued
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puration fever chills high temperature and sweating a suppurative
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Of the children under years were vaccinated of whom or
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became prevalent in Salonica it seemed wise to adopt this name
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is found puffed up in many places by gases accumulated in the
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form when if pentoses be present a green color or pre
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fatal or would surely have required intubation. His pulse became extremely
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will be that of a near wound. The general circumstances will usually
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conversation. For some days before entering the hospital he had
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with fine particles of various kinds act most injuri
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blood from the patient then allowing the serum to settle out. The
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yet Virchow maintains that this agent colours the diseased parts
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Henry E. Clark should receive in recognition of his services as
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the rate of infant mortality. It has been said for instance
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number of ribs as the latter procedure in severe and inveterate
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and berberine are both to be had doses from two to ten
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carbon dioxide with a saturated aqueous solution of common salt Na
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and microscopically. There had not been any return.
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In his report to the Board of Estimate and Apportionment
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occasionally follows a sinus through the diaphragm from abscess of liver
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ing to the individual idiosyncrasies hence a uniform
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heat the contents or empty and heat the contents in a granite saucepan.
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not distinct parallel anastomosing and forming a faint intramarginal nerve the
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are weakly scrofulous and rickety. Such children often die of con
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