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at the time of the subsidence of the ground-water level in summer.
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chester (X.Y.) Medical Society, -where he delivered an address.
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which does not, unless prolonged, affect temperature so decidedly
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connective tissue, where they are found in colonies composed of myriads
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Nelaton, Ricord, Sichel, Charcot, Trousseau, Liebreich, Pasteur,
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and little ash. Macaroni gives about the same as wheat flour,
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typhoid fever. This is evidenced by the pallid or cyanosed appear-
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has given unhappy prominence to the coal-tar antipyretics in the
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Cold rain baths, with subsequent exercise, increase heat loss as far
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induces in the circulation, and that the deepening of the respiration
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sunken eyes, deadly pallor, cool extremities, not rarely terminating in
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pain subsided after the second treatment, and the patient made a complete recov-
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As stated under Pathology, acute dilatation of the heart may develop,
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