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northern two-thirds of Arizona. Responsible for parent

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It has been shown, however, that the sugar in the blood disappears when the

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twenty hours. Post-mortem section showed round ulcer

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bly frightened, from the fearful tendency to bite shown by the in-

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At the hearing before the Committee from the legis-

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dark caramel, and partly in the form of a black powder, so

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Symptoms. In shattered specimens the case is easily

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thighs markedly flexed. Muscles of the leg of a yel-

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IS a matter which only the future can fully determine, and it is unphiloso-

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ach, and transmitted to the brain by both the sympathetic and

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but, when wars and tumults, and foreign invasion and

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get their medicine to have any effect upon him; he con-

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course of fever. During his sickness a hired girl was seized with the same

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all of them, peculiar circumstances existed, which had the effect of

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ing Power': Journal of Comparative Pathology and Therapeutics,

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microbe, either by the breath or through the blood.

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classes shelters persons whose mental organism has been

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possible that the deviation of the eye does not oc-

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owing to their vapory form, rise with such rapidity, as to scarcely

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health is the very first requisite. English women, who are usually

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the Vagina, the" cup receiving the neck of the womb; hence the discharge is carried through the stem of the

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encysted forms; gradually increasing anemia and number of encysted

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essays submitted are not considered worthy of the prize.

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intense at thebase, with aslight njuimur, coincident

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men's competition, stopped only by the ROTC machine. Dr.

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Mercurial Fumigation in Syphilis — D. W- Yandell, Ky.; laid over.

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The tumors may be dressed with one part of carbolic acid to

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Clinical Records. ^-^ Joseph Parrish, M.D. Philadelphia :

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This condition is one which is seldom recognized, although undoubted-

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three cases of supposed hemoptysis in which examina-

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fault of a better nosological arrangement, has been placed under the

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