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discontinuance of alcohol as a beverage, but, for one, he was not
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certain of the straight and convoluted tubes, in the contents of pelves of
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following reasons for preferring the anterior operation : 1 . After anterior colotomy
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who approac'"^* ''*''" '"l""" '" tJO"'' condition, does not
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the foot by the " Antiseptic Method." Accordingly, with the
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pancreas, and I believe it was this organ, and not the glands,
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less than the utterest exhaustion from excess may suffice
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days, respectively. The cases in a given group became ill within a
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and properly fulfill all requirements in dispensing.
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remedies by this example, and so be prepared for any general
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are of great importance from a localising point of view. Diminution of
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dysentery in India with reference to the mode of formation of
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fallen upon the chafingdish over which she was set, and had thus
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toxic, its employment in the treatment of yellow fever being effica-
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it lay in the hands of the managers, for medical men
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t 20 grain.* of citric aeiil and a similar quantity of bicarbonat*
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breathe by tracheae, and the genital ducts open on the penultimate somites.
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in 4. These conditions appeared both in septic and in aseptic operations.
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This state lasted for a fortnight, when the patient returned with
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duly i sinuate,!. This may sometimes be turned to account,
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but the pain is relieved by the expulsion of the gas. The bowels are,
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discovered until after six o'clock, when Dr. Burton was sent for, but did
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observed in the convalescence from protracted attacks. Lendel has pub-
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societies in such a way as to be recognized abroad as the
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hastily drawn that the operation in question is one especially likely to be
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dations, the pulmonary capillary circulation on such air-cell walls
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of redness, oedema, and fluctuation, a suppurating peri-
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came on, followed by diarrhoea, w^hich many persons thought would end
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In the last week the number of patients has been between 400
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Finally, we come to the most common accompaniment of a chronic,
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vessels may be occluded by pigment and ])igment-cells. In melaiutmia the
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the anterior arms being approximated and their tip bent abruptly downward.
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** a remarkably sedative action upon the heart, " as V' exhibited
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always contemporaneous with times of effeminacy, sen-
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trol of the Department of Health. By persistent vigilance a good qual-
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and sometimes for hysteria. The most important symptoms are feculent
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the mucous membrane covering its posterior surface, thickened, ulcerat-
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common and typical. They occur under the skin, under
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method of compensation, for as the stroke is less vigorous a greater
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the desired results. If such a method were at all practicable, it might
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The affections of the ocular appendages, are equally well
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twenty-seven. From the year 1757, to August, 1783, when she
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her delivery was successful. The stump was entirely healthy and pre-
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disease as it occurs in young children in order to thor-
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elevation of temperature. By the following spring, as a general rule,
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not very definitely agreed as to all of its functions.