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We must not omit a word of approbation of the second of Esmarch's
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bears closely on the question of the diagnosis of cancer.
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of the number of registered births in the year; in 1S60-61, it was 62.1
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of the gatherings, the number who attend might possibly increase to
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glands from irritation of the urethra. All such instances show that,
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show that this treatment removes spavin lameness in about 30 per
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ruary the disease made rapid progress. The swelling extended to the
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" Devota non extinsixit arbor " (" the accursed tree did not kill me ").
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or closed by forceps. Barthelemy used this method in a horse with
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so that I had nearly lost all hopes of her ever being any better. She began to grow
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sequence of casting, when the horse has been kept down for a long
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cough was overcome by it in one week, and he came home free from a throat affec-
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with them is war duty. A'eterans as well as mere students are coming
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BIRMINGHAM LUNATIC ASVLUM—Assistant Medical Officer : applications,
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bovine practitioner and teacher of obstetrics, was selected
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interne des hopitaux de Paris ; Sanne, ancien interne des hopitaux de
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lopment of pneumonia ; it was, in fact, a typical case of what is termed
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numerous bacilli. By the ist October the lesion had extended to the
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gerated throughout the rest of this lobe and the whole of the right.
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rank which qualifies for election to the Council. We shall require
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hands. She had had pain in the legs, and in the back as high as the neck.
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nity is growing feeble ; and in the femme cnccinle is no longer seen la
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for workshops, and unwholesome meat. These special inspectors, like
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These cases, then, were not of an exceptional character, but in every
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the onset of disease is to note the night and morning temperatures of
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cessation of the evacuations, leave little ground for hope. I should
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right lateral surfaces, but not affecting the urethra, was found on its
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staphylococci have thus caused abscesses in different parts.
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perly and naturally subordinate. Some time ago (January 1867), I had a school
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the animal was warmly covered up, and given a lukewarm draught con-
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according to the size of the bony tumour ; and these can be applied
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from the Venice edition of his works, 1584, and from
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affected region. The faradic current is worthy of trial.
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civilization was clearly understood by everybody, and
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substance a "sandy" appearance. I have seen this condition in