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find himself in possession of a book which will strengthen his hands
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south latitude. The nearer the equator from either of these
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particular tendency in respect to the nature of the productive
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confusion and asthenia) ; 17 cases of labyrinthic com-
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namely, there is a good inch of shortening on the right side
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to open his chest, some to saw into his skull, and others
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smith. Family history good ; previous healtli good ;
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tubes of both lungs is sometimes, but rarely, present with pneumonitis.
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Then, when bromide of potassium was successful in con-
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and a hard pulse. When coma succeeds such symptoms as these,
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Cestodes. Tsenia saginata, Goeze: syn., T. mediocanellata (Kiich-i
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blood. {Med.-Chir. Trans., vol. xxxiii, p. 67.) Then
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3. Cerebral Disease in the Course of Sj'philis. 4. Opium,
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plenty of salt ; roots and green fodder at frequent intervals,
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marily to vitiated conditions of the stomach secretions, I am
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crease the serum potassium concentration into the normal range even in the presence of a reduced
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stumpy processes apparently lying free in the cellular tissue; three
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dae either to thrombosis or to embolism ; third, that the pre -existence of
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complish this end. Tests with Fehling's solution to ascertain in the con-
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constant pain, distinctly colicky in nature and often quite intense. The
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well down, and pressed firmly against the body convexity, in
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repetition of this trouble. Nodosities formed behind the shin bone
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in their arms tliat the matter is frequently rubbed off before
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well as that of disease of the appendix ; the same applies to the
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One of the most recent writers who calls attention to its
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clergyman living at Thornbury. I saw jtinued for about twenty-five minutes. Cold
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