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same cotton applicator. I do not consider myself justi-
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end long; bring the apex over the perineum and between the legs to
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are believed to be inflammatory or endothelial in origin, and to be due
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many of the countries of Europe, a distinction of cases is admitted ; drunk-
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papillomatous growths of the bladder wall, chronic ure-
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occurred, endangering the lives of officers or inmates. This fact is ren-
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be more vertically placed. Deep-seated foci may escape detection by
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moral influences, many a case of neuralgic dysmenorrhoea may be cured.
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of exertion doubtless strain the capillaries and thinned follicular walls
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by madmen and fools. And can the establisher of such principles, and
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chemical similarities with some goitrogens, diuretics (acetazolamide,
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We conclude by recommending the diligent perusal of this
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* Statistically significantly different from placebo.
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solution was subjected to crystallization and, in this manner, they were
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mainly be relied on ; but, in the early stage of the process,
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sonal relation between teacher and pupil, but it is much more
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The pathogenicity of these intestinal parasites must now be
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charges and the bacterial flora of the vaginal outlet.
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the artificial methods which necessity and experience have
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been able to find described anywhere in the literature
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Annual Report of the Surgeon-General of the Public Health and
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defendants, for the purpose of attracting students, have
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much diminished by bulging of the sacral promontory. The
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infection of the discharges, as in typhoid fever ; also attention
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quently gave rise to trouble. If an evacuating-tube as
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albumins of the nature of globulins (which must be considered to
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alcohol be eliminated unaltered, it follows that if a certain
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Cases of artificial anus are recorded in both belly and
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appearances which the difeafe exhibits when it is fully formed,
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arrested, downy hairs begin to show themselves view'oi ^gto/'STt'Tio^i!!
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upon. Five per cent, carbolic acid is sufficient, provided equal parts of
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internal jugular vein ; for the external vein is a vessel
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plan courses of action and to carry them out consistently, his
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and enlargement of the fang wounds and forcible suc-
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deceased destroyed herself by taking a poison called
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United States, and Africa; it has also been detected in
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order to illustrate the evils of this over-crowding, and to call
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