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and views relative to the curability of varicose veins. The chapters on his
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planation of the condition may be, there is no question that in the
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present during life-time, I am inclined to think that the pus
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to strengthen self-control and to intensify the sense of duty. But
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slightest symptoms of the disease. This, perhaps, is the most marked
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tlie joints and muscles. The more serious symptoms 9Xt
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opening within the bowel only. Sometimes a fistula occurs as the result of
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first, both in bodily structure and mental powers." And Dr.
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microscopical specimens from a case of syphilis of the
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Vanadium Salts. — Berthail {Merck's Archives, November
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Hospital ; and that on Obstetrics, by Dr. Harvey Lindsly, of Washing-
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secretion of the liver? Certainly, there is no claim that
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the same time, the pulse becomes much slower, the voice is lost, and
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having been 73 days in the ward, and 80 days having elapsed since the occurrence
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taken, and if the Wassermann is positive the salvarsan and mercury are
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the umbilicus, and firm to the touch ; a clot being
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can be so foolish as to deny that there are amongst the poor many
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one can either cure or prevent the maladies resulting from them.
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which had just begun has been cut short. Her zealous
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should at once examine his waste water-pipes, and if he finds them con-
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