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inconsiderably raised, the flaccid state of the abdomen did

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lent vomiting, with greater thirst and distress than at first. The

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was undoubtedly epidemic and of the nature of influenza. It seemed to ex-

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This circumstance may, it is true_, detract from the value of the

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find that Dr. Barry was afraid to go home by himself through

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a purse-string suture is passed through the vaginal tissue,

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his mascnlar movements involves such rapid exhaustion of power that the

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such cases, and enable us to foresee their ending : Apparently

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quantity ingested. The sensible perspiration did not appear to vary from

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ten parasites are found in a preparation of ordinary dimen-

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Ventres, and Arickarees attribute it to syphilis. The

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in the urine as glucose. Additional evidence of the

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by localised basal meningitis. It may also be involved, in common with

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ences, one seems less healthy ; but, in truth, one has

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ences, one seems less healthy ; but, in truth, one has

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short time, you will see that it is a very proper and right

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cherry trees, or to layers cf concrete honey. The sur-

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important discovery. Until now, it seemed almost im-

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tant papers, and the interest of this section must have been

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patients, to society, to the human race, is contro-

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Deutsche med. Wchn.sclir., Leipz. u. Berl., 1890, xxii, 735-

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dominal walls ; hot vaginal douches are sometimes help-

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of the affected joints are involved in the morbid process, but in which of

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rounding margins by the interrupted silver w r ire suture, to be rein-

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Administration: The most frequent adverse reactions

what is revia

with a long pedicle. Menstruation had been regular, and the woman