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more particularly vomitinr/, which occurs early and is apt to recur with
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although manifestations elsewhere may be absent. I have observed it
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Symptoms. — It is not certain that the parasite causes any symptoms,
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noticed. This atrophy is due to impaired nutrition in the unpara-
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as a whole, the outlook is not particularly bright in any case.
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simple operations of abdominal surgery. It is doubtful if any other
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quency. H. C. Wood reports a truly remarkable case occurring in a
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sudden, the symptoms may resemble those of hemorrhage.
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but interest and sometimes almost horrify its readers." — Af/iericait Medico- Surgical Bulletin.
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rheumatism has been dealt with in discussing the latter disease. Xo known
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the resemblance to malignant disease may be striking.
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A drainage tube should then be introduced and the wound irrigated
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rapidity of onset — by the fact that pressure-palsies are almost invari-
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Pathology. — No constant anatomic changes have been noted. They
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cholesterin are dotted over the fundus ; they may also be grouped about
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ess and the variety. In simple hypertrophy of marked type a pro-
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^ The septic form may simulate malaria in its general course. The points of dis-
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(a) The diffuse variety is rare. It may, however, be met with in
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fifteen pounds. The edges are rounded and the substance less firm
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for, curiously enough, the groups of muscles affected are usually the same
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excepting the muscles of mastication, the muscles of the face usually