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of food, when it was due to some other incidental circumstance. Idiosyn-

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obstacle to the outflow of bile leads to structural changes in the liver.

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gauze was then removed, and she left hospital five days

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or later, fall off like the former, if the skin con-

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normal animal great rise of the arterial pressure. If

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mended by our best authors. .\11 of the pepsines, ])an-

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inates. Trousseau stated that in Saumur quartan, in Tours only

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Recent experimental work has shown that pituitary extract (infun-

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Dr. Denslow Lewis oftered a resolution, which was unan-

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■Medical Officers' siilaries shall be paid out of the Consolidated

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Another variety of this form of glia cells is shown

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the cures become more frequent, but the prognosis is still very bad,

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stops when it gets about four inches long, and the tube

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For example, one licensing body may choose to give on a particular

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ured tissue in the sensitive region at and near the meatus

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tioned for his work, *' Lunacy as Tried by the Law.*'

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occupying a greater extent of space, being inserted merely as

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his bed, which he had not done up till this time in the hospital. His

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take place within the groove, there is generally considerable effiision into the

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of sugar so that I should not hear when they take my things.

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4th. — Jaundice increases; urine very small In quantity, and contains bile. Swelling

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result of this differentiation. It is this which enables the different

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larities on the dorsum of the foot, due to the dis-

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dread, anxiety, and fear, with hallucinations and delirium.

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Another case of the same kind is described by Ehlers [3] , in which

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or design, is considered to be a product of the organised residua of

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laterally placed uterus and the genital pore opens ^o right showmg dorsal surface,

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not the case, as innumerable examples prove. Only two of these

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on July 12th. Autopsy. — The chest was opened in such a manner that the heart

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quantity. Mh. The febrile condition must be treated according

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are depicted could possibly exist. Whether it is a fair

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jority of cases, can be well dispensed with altogether.

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sidered it is very much more". As an abstract reading of vital

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all the functions are performed by the individual, or by any part

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of the results obtained by surgeons up to this time by laparo-

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tives. In 1910 the school children of Agat were brought

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sequence probably of defective barrack accommodation, and

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It is a great pleasure to be here and Ave duly appreciate not only the

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registration of midwives passed its second reading in the

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These symptoms continued to increase in violence, convulsions came on, and in

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Hood had applied local means to stop the haemorrhage, but

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two-thirds of the letters were answered. So far I have made five visits.

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the disease. C. E. Nammack (Med. Rec, Feb. 15, 1902)

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its convexity turned to the arch of the pelvis. The index finger

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per vaginam. His observations on the ill effects of hard purging

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pression. In the course of a short time pulsation of the aneurism could be