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probabilities are greatly in favor of the male sex in doubtful
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result is like that which follows the premature separation of
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but the rate of gain gradually decreases as the treatment is con-
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and the annual Commencement at Schenectady will be the demon-
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from a sense of insecurity and indecision and it might be as well
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sion to care for 1,000 patients. The details of this equipment will appear
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session of fortunate individuals, but they may all be acquired.
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they pass through the peripheral capillaries in all the tissues.
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done, to unselfish service to mankind. Judged by this standard
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w T hich objects, unusual in variety, form, size or number, have
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and gain a great many of the advantages of having a student body
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Edited by Irma H. Ullrich, M.D., Professor of Medicine
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in the compressed cake was considerably less than in the watery phase.
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subject matter is presented in a clear and interesting manner. The author
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owing to the disproportionate development of the clitoris and
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companies based on year-end equity of $284 million.
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cated that the shots were homicidal and not suicidal. The
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busy for the past six weeks and are still in the same zone, though
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operations upon carnivoral pituitary, pons, and ventral medulla. Ann.
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sion is brief and the body is cut down early. The pupils are
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ject as follows: By Dr. Herbert M. Evans (by invitation), of the
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urbcana (0.5% vs <0.01%). and somnolence (2.4% vs 1.3%) were significantly
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examination, plus speculum inspection, securing and staining of
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In acute starvation, the emaciation, though unequivocal, is not
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tents, for we may be kept several days, under cover of the first
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to another, trying in vain to place the child in some institution
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Mr. Borden's skull was studied, and it demonstrated also the
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gehalt des menscblicbcn Harns; nebst Bemerkungen iiber Nachweis und Zersetzliclikeit
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possible, to determine the quantitative relations which the
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wound through which could be felt a comminuted os calcis.
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Wormley says : " Corpuscles may sJu'ink, but they do not
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the maladies to which flesh is heir, and that is death. Whether we
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Hemoglobin and Hematocrit: Small decreases in hemoglobin and hematocrit (mean decreases of approximately 0 3 g%
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ceeded in reducing the temperature of the atmosphere to such
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is acute. Meanwhile, the skin becomes more and more
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cal Corps, has returned to Albany, by order of the War Department, to
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few years. The Medical Review of Reviews further announces that it
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nants of Graafian follicles, and the examination is concluded
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of water by the salt, separation into two phases occurs. Each phase eon
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it be gradual decline, and finally death from natural causes, or