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adhesions of the fimbriae to the degenerated ovaries. These were all double and
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fleets serving in South America in 1845, when the former
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and especially of beer, of acid or spiced foods. Alkaline drinks and hot baths
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four months before I saw him. I advised enucleation of the right eye, inasmuch
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ness, and paleness, and sometimes by slight convulsive
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lation as those of the original. The longest pieces in the volume are
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unusual violence, and headache, with a frequent full pulse, and all
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August 18. — Dr. Russell examined his chest last night
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Wliile the rash is attaining its full development, the other symptoms
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long-standing " cracked heels " of horses, where the skin presents
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of the impossibility of drying the surface equally before each
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very interesting one, sir, but I do not know whether or not I am pre-
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the foetus. Several months later stinking pus began to discharge through
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spleen, tachycardia, and cyanosis are suspicious signs. The physical signs
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Facial paralysis. — It is unnecessary in this place to indicate the
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artery be embolised by injections into the verte1»ral arteries, the greatest
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by all of us, hardly necessary to dwell on technique. However, I will
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chilliness or slight rigors, pain in the forehead and back, and soreness in
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intestine indicanuria of such intensity is not observed, possibly
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"eye of God" theory, she had outgrowni but the other had persisted.
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subjects who will not only be a heavy millstone round our necks,
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The post-mortem showed that there was an extensive cancerous
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often during the forenoon (hence during the sixth day) as in the after-
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the tincture have been obtained. Set this aside, and
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are either of local origin, and consequent upon wounds or diseases of the adja-
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been sometimes two months, and once as long as four months, but the i^eriods
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made, but, had I known of pre-existing renal trouble, I should
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Syrup of unicorn root. Fluid extract, f. §ii. Simple syrup,
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mechanical arts in which it is used. Acciunulating in the lungs, it causes