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the fever has any one been able to find satisfactory answer to the question:

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line material may have mingled D. slight round-ceWinflUrailonmintertubular tissue.

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should be taken not to force the fluid into the bladder. The irrigation

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enormously dilated vena cava ; or the systolic pulsation of the veins within

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gangrene of the lung occurs in connection with pneumonia, its occurrence

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of a dark brown tube. The gall-hladder is enlarged in size, and sometimes

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turbance of the circulation, because it is generally most fully compensated

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in the small arteries and capillaries, and the tonic efl'ect of the digitalis

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will do. Other small tables, one Por the anesthetist, one for sponge-.

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Peaslee needle is parallel with the wound. In tying a suture introduced

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A. Mucous surface. more and more marked. The tissues around

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more liable in conditions of arterio-sclerosis during excitement, or in

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the skin. This may wear off in a few hours. In severe cases there may

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sation. If it gets compressed or otherwise injured, it may become painful,

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and painful, and the swelling may extend so as to close the eyes and involve

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recurring laryngitis ; not infrequently the calcareous condition of the carti-

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thickened. Sometimes degenerations of the thickened portions of the

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several specimens before casts will be found, bat when found, they usu-

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cases before the urgent symptoms come on, the membranous exudation can

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where there is some lesion which markedly devitalizes the tissues, per-

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Formerly all these changes were supposed to be the direct result of the

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peritoneum covering the testicle and cord. 2. The late descent of the

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times they cause but an irritation of the throat. If the foreign body

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The contraction of these inflammatory tissues which form about the

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tube furnishes an additional advantage in that, if the wound is septic,

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is non-contagious.' Typhus fever is generally epidemic; typhoid fever is