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trode, the one used before, or a large sponge was placed upon the well-
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of the bladder and extracted. It was annular in form, and upon carefully
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or liquid in any amount, and the character of the pulse
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Description of facial hemi-spasm, as observed frequently on September 30th
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Involvement of a few of the glands is very commonly found at oper-
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History. — For several years has been subject to attacks of cramping pain in the stomach
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the operation. This class has been deducted by some
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by cpsophagoscopy, and were lying over the foreign body, obscuring its
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All the symptoms enumerated can be traced back to the
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Since dietary elements are the essential building blocks
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again, ground being lost each time, until at length, worn out and ex-
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(K.N.) Maternal impressions. Med. Kec, N. Y., 18!)],
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ulcers equally the result of sexual intercourse, yield a characteris-
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as it was at one time supposed to be. By the earlier writers on the
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Society refuse to make such examinations for less than five
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have had a well-marked instance of this kind which is reported under the
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while medullary cancers and those causing stenosis of the orifices proceed
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Made by maceration and percolation with acetic acid and diluted
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Joseoh E. Winters, M.D., Professor of Diseases of Children, Cornell
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favour of avoiding the admission of air if possible. I know
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mount importance that the fact become properly recog-
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Whichever of these salts is used, it should be mixed in the
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diphtheritic process : first, with a membrane lying on the mucous mem-
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sis, suggests an infective cholangitis. The occurrence
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essentially unlimited services and costs was inevitable.
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Pain is more or less modified by the nature of its cause and origin,
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the door and small thin pieces of sheet metal glued to the
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its specific effect. Not in a single instance did the exocardial
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that the scHJalled normal temperature of 37.5° C. (99.5° F.) is
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1835 Dissertation on the Vitality of the Blood, by Dr. Benjamin
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tered as ordered by the attending surgeon, till the
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tial concerns about an increased incidence of lens opacities
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tions of spinal origin secondary to peripheral nerve lesions. These
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thick, glairy mucus. Should there be a malarial element in the pa-
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The first A'ariety is the most common and is generally associated with
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Dr. Gibney replied that he knew of no reason why the