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the uterus, I went to work. Under ether, I did succeed

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Edwin H. Cressman, D.O, M.Sc. Guv W. Merryman, B.S..D.O.

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1 Fownes (loos not accept as valid the assumption of the existence of

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and congenial industrial pursuits. Roughly speaking, the epileptic

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The Real Anatomic Nature and Position of the Points and Lines of the Speech Dia-

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The foregoing are ilhistrative cases. I have seen a

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the subjective symptomatology and that of the objective,

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book. The recipes for sick dishes have all been tried, and are those

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We must also keep in mind that a radiogram is a record of

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infection) can be scarcely said to occur, so rapid in the child is the cure of

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recurrence and the number of escapes from recurrence. The data

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and disinfection of all others, including personal effects,

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beneficial results were recognized, more and more attention

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The pynemic cases may be left out of account, for in cases of this kind

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"will not, therefore, occupy your valuable space further than

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in women. In our series of 63 cases, there were only 2 in females. Gout

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viscosity, may tend to increase the resistance. In acute

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380.— ■CaziiiMolf ( V.) l)va riedkikh shichav a ekssuda-

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fication of the sound upon direct percussion over the upper dorsal spines.

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1 See von Monakow, Gehirn-Pathologie, Nothnagel's Sammelwerke, 1897, p. 673.

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In 1846 the minutes assume quite a different character.

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through the nose in order to warm and moisten the cold air before it

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the student’s educational needs outweighed the patient’s

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cirrhosis; (4) chronic acholuric jaundice with enlargement of the

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remedies, such as preparations of antimony (crude sulphide

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several smooth specimens of the numerous "Fakir" family who have

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was afterwards described in 1547 by Gabucinus, the knowledge of

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Rev. J. Spear, Bargentown, Gloucester county, N. J.

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no peculiar condition either macroscopically or microscopically,

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vomiting, or of circulatory symptoms, as for example vertigo or faint-

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8. Romanus V, Jonsell R, Bergquist SO: Pertussis in Sweden after the cessation

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any reason for which the operation itself could be held accountable.

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that the Board continue to refuse recognition to graduates of this institution,

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Merc fdnctioual disonler of the heart, under ordinary circumstances,