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their partners having fallen victims to the many diseases always so preva-

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muscles are now active. The memory has returned, with the

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Thus a special feature described in connection with the last variety of tic

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clinics, four professors ; surgical, four ; obstetrical, two ;

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culation; and should this absorption take i are changed to forms of inflammation — a

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states and the absence of the characteristic physical signs would lead to a

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ever lived, while in a state of perspiration in yellow-fever, the certain sign of recovery, left his

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cal men and midwives ; the second, for that of midwives

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to be registered under the Medical Act (1858). Provided such

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Dose.—R., 3 i.-ii. (30.-60.); C, 3 ii.-iv. (60.-120.); Sh. &

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Dr. Sayre had never seen a result approaching this. lie

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"Relation of Public Schools to Public Health," C. S. Caverly, M.D. ;

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the lungs. To the famous secretary of the Royal Society of London,

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and that here the last phalanx not unfrequently disappears wholly, the

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vention, and was well satisfie 1 with the operation of

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ciation has recently been held. The Association was founded in 1887 for

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(a) Masked cases which present physical signs only and have no sj'mp-

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In this instance the resemblance to the measles rash was as striking

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plish by employing alternately the gouge and the bistoury.

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favoring tcs vrith comruunivatwns m reapectfuUy called to the follow-

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Braithwaite's Retrospect of Medicine. Vol. LIV., July to December, 1866.

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midwife, in alarm, voluntarily suspended lier operations.

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dized. There are many strong facts and arguments in favor of

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rapid development characterizes the foreign demand for all hog prod-

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great deal of pleasure and satisfaction the reports made by Levi and

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ing with much care and interest the reports of the pro-

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mine the propriety of his own conduct. Undoubtedly,

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tained. A tliird tracing then showed the pulse to have less

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grew worse and I was sent for and arrived about daylight. I found

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Professor Herrick of Bush Medical College, also reports the result of