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the examination has been negative in a number of carefully studied cases.
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l-lj^. S."-. WlltriLllI.u r\tl .l''> »t.'U- .11 iMiiH U. till- Ictt \rlitl U 1( .
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experiments in 1859 mdicating some of the features since then demonstrated
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in the lung, there may be cough and some ex|>ectoration. Unless they are
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foreign origin, founded on any alleged fact or sha-
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Treatment. — The only medication su^^ted which seems to have
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of response to treatment with the salicylates may excite suspicion. In a
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interpret entirely the dyspnoeic, bronchitic, and asthmatic phenomena; the
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to note that the whole body of the child or only the limbs, especially the
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direct invasion of the vena cava, but is not as common as in other malignant
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to that of other public institutions appropriated to
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A traumatic origin of some cases of nephritis has been alleged. Kiister,
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consistence is left. This nodule is sensitive to pressure, at times even to
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colored, aged thirty-eight years, give a history of pulmonary' symptoms
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present; in pyelonephritis the amount of albumin is dependent upon the
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healthy action, provided the condition is one of altered function and retention
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placed in contact with the mueous memlMane. Injection of pancreatic
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absence of fever and general symptoms, and the local peculiarities. Goitre,
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ever, it has Iierii fiiiiiKl that, il' the lihind is cnllecteil with ecrtain i)1'p-
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(Edema. — ^This appears with the fever and may implicate the whole body
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nodosum ganglion (Cang. of the trunk ) '„*";/„*,„,
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mental work has been based on an attempt to alter the condition of the blood
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highly probable, but positive evidence is not yet available. The occurrence
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witli 111.- p.'itli uhicli til,. iiii|iulsc. Inkcs. |>i'<ii|i s :i nnu-li ^r||.;it,.r diiV,.,
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the powdered extract, \ gr. to ^ gr. (gm. 0.013 to 0.02), are what the writer
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• Anamiia and Some of the Diseases of the Blood-forming Organs and Ductless
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from the arch <d' the aorta, a cannula with its end pointinu' toward tl.
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judgment, both in their detection and the weighing of their importance.
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III' pleura separate, ami the luiiirs collapse, eaiisiiii; teniporarily a spa.
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parents. Tnyroid anomalies are not always possible to recognize. Paterson^
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.hlliciilties arc met with in malilii}.' precise measurements, ami it is
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the days of unclean surgery with its attendant prolonged suppuration,
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