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being due to the suppuration in the skin and the absorption of the products

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destroys leukoc}i;es and to which the name leukocidin is applied. An

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has been reported by Claudius, Hawkes, Beck, Schlinder and others.

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bacilli by means of agglutination. They showed with immune sera that

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isolated colonies. It grows but feebly in plain agar and is not visible as a

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is the presence of percussion dulness over limited areas, no crepitant rales

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and See. On the other hand, Stokvis, Lauder Brunton,

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The histology of vaccine lesions in hiunan beings has not been as thor-

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laro-ely to have spared Europe, with the exception of small scattered local

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sixth and seventh day of the disease. The temperature reaction begins on

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which produces such an irritant effect upon the tissues should be formed in

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s_^Tnptoms., The operative mortality in this class of cases is low, lower in

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joints nor heart disease in anterior poHomyeUtis unless, as seems possible,

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a relapse. In some of these, apparent convalescence may be interrupted by

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cal casts in the urine without being followed by nephritis."

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this is found in the fact that many cases of chronic endocarditis, in the

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sciousness, and continue for four or five days. The lesions may be smaller

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marked symptoms have been fixed on, so that such names as pneumotyphoid,

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we should have no explanation for the large balance of cases

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equally regarding the subsequent life and health of the patient. It is now

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occur in patients with long, severe attacks. If they appear early it is of

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local inflammations resulting from strains, blows and bruises;

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Thus Gay and DuvaP reported 3 cases in acute adult dysentery, Hastings*

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give is the important one — the pivotal one upon which hangs

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Tubercle bacilli have been found upon the nasal lining and skin of healthy

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committee to so prepare and revise scriptural versions which

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nance wears an anxious look, and is congested from the attendant er}i;hema,

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into long threads. This is not remarkable when we remember the peculiarity

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vaseline. Cold applications to the lids are often grateful.

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cuspid area are usually brought about by the effort to relieve

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in India in 1824. In lcl]7-28 it prevailed as an epidemic on the islands of

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an absence of influenza, which may always have been as prevalent as in the

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efforts to reconcib this with the sweeping claims of the early vaccinators.

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cultures of pneumococcus, abortion occurred as the result of endometritis

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decide. If not, the patient should be isolated and watched. It is these cases

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group by virtue of which precipitation takes place. This functional group

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site of injection, without rise of temperature, but the swell-

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