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Magnesium Sulphate.— H. (laxative), oz. 2-4 (gm. 60.-120.). C. (pur-

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a sweetish, astringent, and afterwards metallic taste ;

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Circulation. — It is said that arsenic stimulates the pulse

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gums, and UQder surface of the tongue being entirely destitute of

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climatcd, who inhaled the same air, and were exposed more or less

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hydrogenii paratum, E.; ferrum redactum, P. G.; fer reduit

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by .'jyneope. Uefore taking leave of this case, I may as well men-

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complete recovery was secured in all cases, which were treated as

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deeply into the muscular substance, but this method causes

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nary affections aci'ording to the varieties of cough they might exhibit

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count of the special tests required for its detection. The student will thus

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struck the tibia where it is covered by scarcely anything except the

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attendant are heralded by the Latin Signa, or Signetur^

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Action and Uses. — Linseed is a food. Oil cake or linseed

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type) at two feet distance; while with the left, at that distance, I

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peculiar. A tracing of a muscle during contraction shows

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suffer very much for the want of medical advice and attendants ; the

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dish containing three or four inches of pure water; (2) a " dialyser,"

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states tliat having a due regard to the circumstances of each case,

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This follows the effect of quinine in lowering temperature,

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ed by facts. First, however, we will see what arguments the sup-

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Jr. It was from an animal that was slaughtered for the market, and

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that they generally contain traces of arsenic. This ingredient may be found in

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infusion flavored with peppermint; also in the form of the

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perhaps the best remedy for canker of the ear in dogs (otitis

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effects of arsenic as the human subject. Two grains is the

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ply of the city is daily replenished, namely : the carts, which bring it

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Pain is usually referable to the peripheral ends of an

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without deriving the slightest benefit therefrom. On examination, I

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