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smooth, glistening, some fibrous adhesions around gall-bladder and
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upon. In early cases the measures should be persistent,
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these rules any breeder can improve in a few years the
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of animals, instead of operating upon both the eyes
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contagious disease, and upon no consideration whatever,
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with one foot on the round of the ladder and the other on the ground. The
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continued for an equal length of time, to be replaced by
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readily understood when the new process is a morbid
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beta-blockers or digitalis concomitantly with CARDIZEM (See
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may remark that mucilaginous and anodyne vaginal injections (when
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card or placards or flags are removed, defaced, covered up, taken down, or destroyed,
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ical Lectures, nor desiring merely a little additional instruction, in An-
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Annandale reiu] a paper "On the Operative Treatment of Stricture of the
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cal Science, 1885, vol. 79, p. 410, says : " In the early
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containing much fat, which lies over the intestines and protects them.
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to have devoted the whole work to surgical diagnosis.
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dries into a firmly adherent varnish, the application of which can
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knots an hour. The principle should be to drive a vessel
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-is in the cure of intermittent fevers. We have now
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In a disseminated or widespread lesion the functions of the cord
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mal condition and the nervous system must be built up.
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the mucous membrane becomes thin and pigmented and the glandular
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have relief from the tormenting and so terribly depressing conditions
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abscess had formed but also where there was not a trace of suppuration or
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extra strain put upon it by the hooping-cough. Practically, by giving the pa-
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a housewife, 63 years of age, seen in the consultation clinic for purposes of
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relieve, and its performance, excepting as a desperate chance to
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pancreas by the method used by these investigators is 500 units.-"
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of both the open bulb and the closed arm were titrated for acid after
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of Assistant-Surgeons of Yolunteers, now in session at Washington, D.C.,
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lymphatic arrangement of the nose and its accessory cavities. The Guy's
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tion more frequently than those who undergo it in the height of their