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no clouding of the mixture, nor any precipitate, but the same color

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associated with tubercular formations elsewhere in the body, and indeed

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stasis, and pronounced cwcal and colon stasis. The diagnosis arrived

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recovery took place. The nodules were found to be lym-

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had disappeared, and its place was occupied by a firm, elastic, scirrhous structure of uniform

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In addition, the acute or chronic inflammation of the

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In treating these cases much depends on a correct diagnosis, and this

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other forms was witnessed, but it seems to me to be a fair in-

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nia-rec^tg-ai). [Gr. vrirpoy nerve + iKraatc exten-

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all bent, the ends only of certain bones are involved, the fingers are much

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method of applying ligatures to the bleeding vessels of an

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to be buried in oblivion, the real state of affairs may be very different.

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"One who has chronic purulent otitis media is liable to

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wards, was directly exposed to contagion. The writer

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at intervals, blood in right nostril. Temperature, 97^° F.;

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tana indicates that the disease does not originate without previous

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cology" which was a tremendous substitute for "Dori-

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and he is again able to open his eyes. Generally there is some

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Budapest, 1888, v, 173-178. Also, transl. : Pest, med.-chir.

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until all operative procedures for the radical cure of hernia were dis-

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pelvis, which was traced to an angular rent in the spleen, three or four

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nitrate of silver is employed, does not progress in a

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thai the procedure should not be applied indiscriminately, but

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need of physical activity. The greater number of lit-

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labour has commenced, she should take a warm or hot gen-

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Sacs — Several inches of the protruded Bowel suspended in the Sac

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by way of the bile, and, experimentally at least, certain bacteria are

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ally during the night. In such cases the finer bronchi become involved,

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can scarcely be expected that the true structure is ex-

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between 40 and 60 years, 23 ; over 60 years, 18, Born in the United States, 132 ; Ireland,

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