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abdominal tuberculosis without benefit. Pogue reports the favorable
only a it\y hours. It appeared first duiing the diphtheritic attack,
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in chronic nephritis with a hematuria which resists all medical efforts
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Carbon dioxide has the further disadvantage of increasing the peripheral
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six tubes are required for each dilution. Thus, in each rack we
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knowledge, we cannot point out any single pathognomonic feature
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position of the patient must be fr^uently changed. An infant may
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mycelex troche side effects
positive. Isolated by Melia in nine strains from human feces.
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performed one week later; but if not, the right lobe, isthmus, and pos-
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to room temperature. When all of the air is driven out and the
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Importance of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit. — As has been said
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is immunized but a short time with extracts of the seeds of one of the cereals, its serum
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(7.) After this stationary period, the disease starts afresh. Tiie
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passed down into the scrotum. A lobulated fatty mass projected
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a complication. The chief cause of the malady is an epidemic one.
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And it was moved by Mr Hawkins, seconded by Mr Cooper, and agreed
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8 ounces of boiling water should be inhaled 3-4 times a day.
mycelex troche drug side effects
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disease which lasts many years, during which it undergoes many
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one part with great pertinacity. Whatever form it assumes, so far as
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throat. Hot gargles {e.g., sage or mallow tea, sometimes with the addi-
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de Luz, etc. On the southern coast of England we might mention the
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I should like if he would ; for sure it is, they have as yet not been
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erable experience with Gaertner's "fat-milk" on the Continent, I have
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0.02 G. iVe-Vs gr.), seldom exceeding 0.04 G. (Vs S^-)- The dose was
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indeed ; and that, though our immediate predecessors in the medical
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In an adult male subject, I performed amputation of the right leg
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in this country, has for a series of years been well known amongst
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ments were carried out with both normal and immune typhoid
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form of dry heat, its special advantage being that it holds the heat for a
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Patton, W. S. 1Q07. "Insect Flagellates," ^w?«<o/ i?e/'or^ .... King Inst. Prevent.