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hand in the supine position. Our information as to these parti-
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it as the system of gas-lighting which utilizes most effi-
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accidental impurity in the iodide of potassium of the shops. This iodate of
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the cervix or accidental insertion into the urethra
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Art. VII. — Valvular Disease of the Heart with Anomalous
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the blood its characteristic redness, preserves its re-
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turned the capillary extremity of the tube passing into the liquid to a right
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Hemorrhagic spots were almost always found in the lungs and gas-
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into the capsule itself Tillmans succeeded in showing a rich net-work
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decided marks of irritation.' The vessels usually pale and colorless were injected with red
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method of ligation of the uterine arteries. The patient is prepared
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numerous references to German and French books and jour-
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children. Of these 1 lived fifteen minutes; 1 some days; 1 two or three
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There now recurs the question whether a fellow of this Society can or
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knowledge of which, if not considered essential, must be con-
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in the secondary winding independent of whether the discharge is oscillatory or
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stimulation and prescribe the oil of cade, one drachm, in oxide of zinc
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ing, it is surprising how little trouble there is in
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these cases the mesenteric glands might or might not
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with paroxysmal exacerbations. In the intervals the pain is dull and
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mately the renal epithelium and even easts, still contained within the
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rusing my writings and following my inquiries, may have noted the
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d'opbth.. Par., 1883, v, 49; 65; 81.— Oolding Bird (C.
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simple cellular hyperplasia, that is to say, to an enlargement of the
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primarily or chiefly affected. It is not practically important to settle this
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of injuries of the skull and brain from projectiles of war, because,
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including diarrhoea, out of twenty-six. It does not
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it, is greater in capacity than are the nostrils. It
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times to penetrate deeply into the body, or even to affect
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YET UNDELIVERED. — 'K^vaj [Journal de Medicine de
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A group of over 300 listened attentively to the speakers at the Shuffield
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non-elastic wire, from which are made iron preparations and
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fall on to the hand, the fracture being produced partly by