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The second case, which involved suture of the brachial

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and thus preserves Nature's resisting power. No dependence

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Material for inclusion in the medical news section must be re-


of the cost of low and high efficiency disposal were given. It was shown

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Each patient received a daily dose of 0.375 Gm., 0.75 Gm.,

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A new treatment with a combination of three different

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is a fat plane encircling the entire kidney, ruling out

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It is unnecessary to urge the advantages of hospital care of

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committee to be in accordance with the preference of the

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Throat Dispensary of Lakeside Hospital; Consulting Oculist to

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was taken to have the cases delivered to the State Hygienic Lab-

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Chicago. Volume I, Number 3 (June). Octavo of 174 pages, illustrated.

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College, Cincinnati. 2. Teaching Titles in American Medical Schools,

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face, etc., destruction of the discharges, and the removal of the dangers

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4. Before being admitted to any branch of the dispen-

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usually considered of ill omen, but there is no relation between the severity

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than that found in renal failure due to other causes. 27

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of the pelvis and whether the attempt is made to rotate as soon as the

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bummg IS a good remedy. When fields are over-run with the weed

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ionic form, if not too toxic, also resulted in diuresis. The

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Committee of Medical Practice. He felt that a man with a medical edu-

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data so submitted to it and may affirm, modify, or re-

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ship in such society may likewise appeal from the action

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obligations. With this balance there was purchased a projection apparatus

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and findings of industry committees at the state level, as

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the body of the sphenoid. A probe passed through the anterior

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tively the right side was doing all the work, but it failed to show

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after wide separation of adhesions. That it has never led to

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This multiplied by 290, the estimated carrying power into the lake

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who is afflicted and the loss of his earnings in many cases

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least resistance and is doing all it can to make a cesspool of the

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was first to suggest a quantitative difference in the doses used. He showed

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of late has been urged in a somewhat exaggerated and uncritical way as

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agent in diabetes von Jaksch 1 states that he found it poisonous