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material is to be had in almost any town, and will not cost

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organ, such as are due to physical strain ; to psychical stress ;

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ment has supplanted tuberculin at Winyah Sanitarium, Asheville, N. C, under

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on such cases showed that the eliminating capacity of the kidneys was

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More Reliable is the Spectroscopic Test. — For this we take about 3 cc.

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14. Isolation of Bacillus Typhosus from Unusual and Inter-

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course of management has, on the whole, accomplished more for the

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50,461 as the total number enrolled in the parish schools of

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It may therefore be said in brief, that we have never yet been able to find

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2 dr. Sheep, 20 to 40 gr. Kabbits (in sniffles), 1 or 2 gr.

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and the capability of the surgeon, that scarcely any two indi-

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cipal difficulty In the case was In the establishment of a diagnosis.

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ratus, on persons lacking hearing only, and on persons with impaired

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following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Dr. Caniff, of

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The Plague in China. — A terrible epidemic of the plague is now

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lishing-office, as early as possible, information as to any new

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fibers and their density within the motor unit can be deter-

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injured (Joret's, II. 2), in which the opening was above the angle of the

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us in regarding it as a valuable addition to the elementary trea-

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which consists in freeing the lid from its cicatricial attachments,

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present. The most usual symptoms are febrile action of a low

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fixed to the abdominal wall by a through-and-through suture, ventral

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organ, such as are due to physical strain ; to psychical stress ;

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pulsation in the tumour was less distinct, and no bruit was

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and five clerical workers. The division is responsible by

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condition when she left New York. The following changes took place : 1.