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reason that the superior mesenteric plexus, that furnishes the ner\'e supply lo

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Experiment 32: Effects of Hydrocyanic Acid on the Ilaart of the King Snake j

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females) 263 (52.43) died. Occupations. — I which, on being moistened, could be dis-

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level of the seventh rib. Anteriorly it projects below the clavicle

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contrasted with an obstruction in the large bowel, where there is very

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in the first and third weeks of April, tho following gentlemen.

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Case I. — .-Vn apparently healthy man, after a day of

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Dr. J. H. Sure presented a paper on Prolapse of the Umbilical Cord icith

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inaccurately as they did. On close questioning many of them ad-

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cases of diabetes, and if so, of determining its limits so that it

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the patient; on the belief in some mysterious circumstance, which is

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action of the battery. Another serious objection to portable bat-

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Henry Kenwood and A. Gritfith; Meat Inspection and the Aboli-

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side are put on the stretch. According to Jones and Fisher the

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Kumys or Koumiss. — The use of this preparation is undoubtedly the

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I'nfoitunateh', dug-outs are badh' infe-ted with these vermin, and their

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which is, that in the adult, whatever be the form of the diarrhoea,

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epigastric and hypochondriac regions sink inwards from absence of the

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* Medical Jurisprudence, as it relates to Insanity, &c. by John

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cold, if properly applied, with dilatation of the superficial

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has gone up verj- little. Flour has gone up, however, 17.5

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cannot possibly be attributed to want of skill, or the abuse of

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> Read by invitation at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts

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discover from considerable search and enquiry, is of modern date;

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correspondence of those gentlemen published by ourselves

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problem of an Administrator for the Section with the

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The authors of this paper (Pearce and Boston, Am. Journ. Insan.,

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News fully defined its position in an editorial article

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esteem of Bachman, Agassiz, and other distinguished names. He

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uals who arrogate to themselves the title of "Society."

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away, and still the anatomist was true to his beloved, and Agnes

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organs, the stomach only later becoming involved. In this series of

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