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The patient gradually recovered from the shock of the accident and the

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third of the thigh were found to communicate with a si-

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after a good deal of searching a gangrenous appendix

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dent of the nerve cells and can occur directly through

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for the medical statistician. It may be summarised that

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consumptives and others with diseases of the chest (" includ-

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countries, and especially in ours, the opportunity has

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for renal affections. As stated by Casper and Richter, the

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nerve, more pronounced in the lower than in the upper branches.

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may be obtained on which to erect welfare centres. (3) Bring

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In the first or lowest subclass, that of Lyencephala

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of but four deaths ; one each from tuberculosis, pyaemia, shock,

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lightning-like pains, which start from the groins and pass up both sides of

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directly into the artery and toward the heart It has been demonstrated

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nal medication. Has lost about 30 pounds in weight. The

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mally relaxed parts, to overcome local passive congestion of the

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Plexus Intensity of Reflexes The Spinal Accessory The

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fever, dysentery, and puerperal fever,* the history

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the flower ; or, let us say, as the maggot from the blow-fly.

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The face also is of less importance to the obstetrician than is the

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acet., 25.0; aq. distil. 500.0. A more convenient form for use in general

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grate. The ventilator is concealed by an ornamental

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medical colleges, and hence the author and his productions are very

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toe, and, extending to the ankle, led to suppuration,

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lesion, and diminished on the opposite side. Later the knee-jerk on the

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progress and practical usefulness of public health work in North Caro-

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Pregnancy. Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1981,

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The sero-mucous excretions of ttte mucous tissues are more

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ing medical man, as more may dej^end upon a strict regard to his

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was vindicated for Hunter, by references to his re-

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two after fright at seeing a friend die suddenly ; yet no

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philic. In many cells can be found one or two small dots staining

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used, but Lyell advocates the silver tube with a shield with which to strap

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