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Uses. — Drugs depressing the motor cells of the cord are

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ries, and stairimted in various organs. MM. Millard and Peter first

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was excluded during the examination on account of their liealthy ap-

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the inhibitory apparatus. The cardiac muscle is primarily

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ful. The official solution contains 10 volumes of oxygen ;

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to report on the following (juestiou : — " i'ulmouarv Consumption : its

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a foot in width, will be made Hush with the lk)()r. That these may be

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"The linen and the instruments are sufficient to dress three wound.s

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parts of water ; very slightly soluble in alcohol ; used only

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called up, as next in order, and on motion, the reading of it postponed until

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purely acid taste, and permanent in the air. Soluble in

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recognizes in the abstract as one of the most important. There is no

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at the base of each flower, and the four or five obovate, outer

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ment of this subject, tlie Surjfeon-General gives us much intere^tiny information

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deeply into the muscular substance, but this method causes

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tannin and bichloride of mercury. This last point is of great im-

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volumes in place of one, we have studiously endeavored to compress Avithin these

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detailed to act as Brigade Surgeon upon the Staff of Acting Brig.

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in frequency. lu the latter stage of poisoniug, the breathing

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Uses Internal. — It is impossible to draw definite deduc-

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miles on ilie fir.^t day. After bivouacking for the night, tlie column

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and not less by civilians. !Many and bitter were the comparisons made

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^■^^^}c!i*i^mc« iV.7r«.. (Squibb.) S^^^^"^^^"^^"^^^-

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be conducted under unfavorable circumstances, or by unskilful per-

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Made by maceration and percolation with alcohol and water,

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in the stomach and bowels resulting from indigestion and

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irmaincd unoffaced. and not from afxne it; an operation of entirely

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satisfactorily, and is never comfortable in his mind through a long

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hydrobromide ; and valerianate into valerate ; with cor-

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of the fauces abated, and the raembi-ane, becoming thick and yel-

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seized with pain in her head and trembling, on which she fell down

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volumes of oxygen, and are more powerfully disinfectant.

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neous vascularity, favor diarphoresis, and diminish urinary

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