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This will show you the influence of oxygen on the human system when taken in

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vicinity, so injurious to health in former times, have been

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get in at a barn door. It is an old and very true saying — so often exemplified as

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in alcohol and m water, in ammonia, solution of soda, diluted mineral

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developed. She has been married fourteen years and has had

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wall. It is possible that differenoes may exist in different

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on^ in seven cases death was the result. Of these seven eases,

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Irish workhouses, and the description of cases admitted there,

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The physical examination was typical of an advanced case

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tended to, the treatment of the joint itself can be instituted.

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broader, and at last forms a furrow between two halves of nuclei

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sumption. Its uses have been alluded to previously in various

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subject before the Ophthalmological Congress at Heidelberg;

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ments in certain cases (taking any period of the attack), the follow-

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like nature. Dr. Weber thinks that the treatment of consumption

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their work on renal function. In describing the composition of

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houses. Why so much of our furniture is built in this bad manner, unless it be to

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1. Oasee lUutirative of the Use of the Forceps, By Dr. A. B. StkHiI.

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valves, the fulness of the cerebral veins, the blood coagulum adherent

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with the water from brooks or springs is a fact that I have had personal cognizance

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When the phenolsulphonephthalein figures are low and the

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measure disgraced; he sees no hope ahead ; he has nothing in the future to give

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ety generally may not seem to you aggravated, I will quote from a celebrated French

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general sleep of vegetation afford unequivocal indications of a climate

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ness of the information hitherto derived from the microscope in

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examination confirmed. This case is interesting in that the

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yellow fever," although the surgeon of the ship returned the

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In addition to the diseases of the heart above mentioned, this organ sometimes

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of children, and sometimes affecting the unborn child.

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case of this rare disease, in which it was accompanied by inflammation

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foot, when excision of the diseased bones, or at most Syme^s

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The fertile plain produces magnificent olive-trees in great

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has, since John Hunter, been generally accepted, — that both

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REUBEN OTTENBERG, M. D., Adjunct Physician, Mt. Sinai Hospital.

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People generally scum to think that it is a subject too delicate to speak about to a

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The contents of Part I were remarkable for their com-

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Tlie fint appearance of Menstruation is an important event in the life of the fe-