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constitutional treatment, it may even be of the husband, enables in
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serts, and that they actually accumulate property both faster and easier
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seen cases of pneumonia during our residence in this section, in
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crepitation and bronchophony. Posteriorly at left apex, loud tubular breathing, with
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are slightly enlarged. They undergo resolution in a short time after
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inconclusive ; and the only practical deduction obtained is,
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hemorrhage may occur in spots beneath the skin. There is a
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tor oil), zinc filings in syrup, oil of pine needles, and various other drugs
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Referring to indecent advertisements in the papers he
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primary hemorrhage. The loss of blood is but one of
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easy and normal labor. The child was the second. The
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is very easily overlooked, and care should be taken to examine the heart
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Donation to a Hospital. — The Ospedale Maggiore at
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group of diseases. Cancerous destruction of the suprarenal capsule
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quent applications from the parents of such children, but had invariably re-
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but very seldom, if at all, be reproduced as they were at first
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he was appointed Surgeon Extraordinary to Queen Victoria, in 1863
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to exert a curative influence. I have no experience with the drug in any
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class, as subjects for clinical instruction, over one hun-
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sometimes murmurs which were supposed to be presys-
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ment is required at once portable, requiring no mechanical or other effort on
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one. hemorrhagic intermittent or remittent ; and one inclines to deem it ma-
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genous cycle and providing for the multiplication of
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good deal of diphtheria in all its forms is seen in the Northwestern Fever
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to a military career ; and soon after graduating, he applied for and
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The patient is a girl aged fourteen years who is suffering from
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Tuesday, October 29th : Medical Societies of the Counties of
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tion of the bowels, whether there is protrusion at one or both
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mouths of the bleeding vessels, might seal them up as
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wrongs and injuries inflicted by charlatans and pretenders.
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risk. 2 Its overall usefulness in providing the above-stated
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laceration of the anterior part of its capsule, and
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strength, or both, vary from month to month and the
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