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stages. It may become arrested, and resolution occur before the period
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primarily, and the whole body secondarily, would be, first, the in-
Influence in Disease, I adduced many such, citing from the works of others, and
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The owner would not allow the animal to be left, but brought it back,
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The Penzance Dispens.\ry is to be converted into an Infirmary.
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forms accompanying infectious conditions. Resolution slowly pro-
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fibrinous flocculi. In its lower parts, but especiallj' over its \'isceral
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pressure at epigastrium. 4. Pain much reUeved by leeches.
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any other means. The doctor has had remarkable success in curing the worst
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resembling in structure the recent tumours ; a middle, greyish ; finally,
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Threat of Undocarditis on admission, lasting 9 days, sliown hy acute pain in region of heart; no sign.
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As the gangrene and consequent septic intoxication progress, the general
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their staff, unable to afford this training to the mass of students. Small
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lower surface was denuded of cartilage, its compact tissue was under-
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complains of numbness, which has gradually extended upwards as far
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and which can be bled two or three times per month for a consider-
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every sixth or eighth normal contraction, each pause lasting as long as
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sore-eyed or invalid" ( lippis ini^nicum at que — cm-
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bottom of the impulse to neglect and the indifference to infanticide ;
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I thought of performing this operation in the case of the first horse,
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firing, and cold water treatment. Ten to fifteen narrow perforations
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calcified patches ; the internal, or germinal membrane, was greyish in
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vessels of the limbs. In others, and perhaps in most cases, fibrinous
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quiry as to vaccination, perhaps it might be made to include an inves-
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II, — Cases in -which the threat of Endocarditis -was marked by prolong-ation of the sound.
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March l6th there was prolonged general tremor, but the patient did not
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38'4° C. ; pulse 39 ; respirations 11 ; ptyalism and trembling continued ;
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Treatment. — The animal having been cast on Daviau's table, the
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thrusting aside the eyelid and soon extending beyond the free margin .
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to his entrance although he gave his name and mission.
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removed, either in one or several portions. Hsemorrhage is checked
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harsh bronchial sounds. The patient was losing weight rapidly.
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become more marked and alarming, or when even on first examination
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and restoration to health was ultimately rapid. She was able to be
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undergone grave change, was blackish in colour, and in imminent danger
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Dr. Root — Dear Sir: My little daughter, aged nine years, was afflicted with
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foreign body. In order to settle the point the patient was fastened to
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in the trenches ; reserving, however, the right of becoming .1 fighting
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during the acute stage. Intra-tracheal injections of antiseptics have
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Treatment.- — On the 30th January the sinus was laid open parallel
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secondary (metastatic) growths may develop ; they give an idea of
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successful and interesting meetings ever held by this Branch.
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to work during the early part of November. It worked in a brougham
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diet will suffice for the cure. The diet nray consist of milk .alone if it
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cerebral haemorrhage. The part played by the tumour appeared to be
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cination. The number of deaths from small-pox had been vastly re-
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lege of Physicians of Edinburgh. He was very highly and deservedly