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a complete exclusion of carbohydrate food from the diet the
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periments on brutes and the effects of medicines on the sick will
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tasis or chronic pulmonary tuberculosis may continue for years and then
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pital Service at the same time as Dr. Rosanoff and we were mutual
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rise to a condition well known by the name of snow blindness. The
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of the insane we have a body whose only purpose apparently
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the attention of an observer. The eye as an extraordinarily
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to an intense feeling of fatigue. In many cases even the thought
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Fever is not uncommon in uraemic states and may occur with the acute
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one who deserves to rank with the grandfather of them all
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treatment. The application of strong carbolic acid to the interior of the
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aric acid in varying proportions according to the nature
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taxes. Extra millions every year to hospitals are needed.
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Irregular Disposition of the Hind Gut Division of the Colon.
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properly caution against too sweeping and arbitraiy
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ham is greatly reduced and now feels soft without pulsation
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of these cases of atrophy of the optic nerve and his
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PlaT i is a native of Scythia but grows in our gardens.
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Pathology. The liver is enlarged feels firm or hard
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of antigen and antibody in which the formation of a precipitate was
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yet been sufficiently studied and here this brief allusion must suffice I
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epicardium and endocardium alone. The rest of the muscular tissue of the
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Morphology. Coverslips prepared from the original colonies and