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so that respiration is carried on chiefly by the diaphragm and the elastic
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third week. Where there is marked muscular paralysis, the urine and fte-
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thrombosis. Hence we find it occurring in phthisis, cancer, old age, etc.,
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ening until on the seventeenth day a deep-brown crust is formed having a
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Prognosis. — The tendency of this affection is to speedily destroy life, but
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British Lying-in Hospital (JEndeU-sireet, Bt QiUs\ W.C).
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tendency by the development of ulcers at the angle of the mouth, within
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wall of the pharynx. The nostrils are soon clogged, often completely so,
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certain rare cases yesicles resembling miliaria may be developed upon the
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not occur. This neurosis undoubtedly has its seat in the vasomotor
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membranes exhibit deep post-mortem staining; the gastric and intestinal
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F. Same as E, ivith increased amount of inJUtrati07i.
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most purple red. When the submucous tissue is involved, there is an infil-
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glistening. Haemoptysis may mark the advent of the disease and recur
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asepsis, and provision for drainage. Manipulation should be begun
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stage, it will diminish the severity of the cold and hot stages. Whether,
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pulse feeble and quickened, the tongue is dry, furred, and brown, breath
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cases may be thoroughly established, but in other eases this mav be
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reflexly. They not only constitute the most important causative factor
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diagnosis. For, at that late period, the constitutional disturbances attend-
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the lobes appear to be adherent to one another. The right heart is gen-
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are found numerous tubercle bacilli and yellow sp"tum- stamed with Fuchsin.
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the lower extremities. It may affect the facial muscles and muscles of
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the back of the hands. These will be described under "Diseases of
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the changes of advancing age. There is no affection in which individual
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morphosis has occurred in an hypertrophied heart, there will be an undulat-
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nausea, slight fever, and a rapid pulse. The muscles are rigid over the
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Pathology. — The pathology of the disease seems to be that of a tox-
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high-colored and the patient will feel feverish. The pulse becomes full
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peared if recovery is to take place. As a rule, in typhus fever constipation
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solution gentian violet 5 parts (the sections must have been kej)t, jirevious
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be considered, and whether or not it has recurred. A dislocation may
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old person has a marked chill pneumonia may always be suspected ; although
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stricture, enlarged prostate, paralysis, gonorrhea, and bony lesions.
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cous membrane is bright red at first, subsequently becoming oedematous.
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then it becomes burning and gnawing, causing a sickening sensation quite
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munis to llio duodenum, stonuieh, t-oloii, ri<,dit ureter, trunk of vena ])ortui,
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The countenance in some cases is almost diagnostic : the eyes are lustrous
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nature and extent of the wound and the tissues involved.
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ing, may be mitigated by sulphite of soda, carbolic acid, or the alka-
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charge already described as trickling from the superior meatus, the condi-
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to prevent the foreign body from falling into the lung. Snurr may
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nitis may remain after the typhlitis has disappeared, but if peritonitis has
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inflammation ; but should it be rough, diastolic, and accompanied by car-