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Diet. The diet must, at the same, time be attended to and altered if

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Even in excision of the mamma, by applying alcohol and some-

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do more of this than women. Alcohol is a contributing cause,

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rial system, be arrested in other organs ; for example, the kidneys in which

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appearing in the Register of the College of Physicians- and Surgeons of Ontario remain upon

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the cause of death, except, possibly, it might lead to

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but we commend it to every student or reader interested in its subject for

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What did this patient teach me? Many things, obviously.

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the thin layer of cortex forming a capsule, with the cystic new

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is dependent upon the act of digestion in contradistinction to continuous

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St. Paul and moved into the Stees mansion, at 488 Gram

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the achylia. Einhorn maintains that there are many cases of achylia

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nervous manifestations. The correction of the existing eye

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perhaps inherited and congenital, and tending to increase with age, but

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Charles T. Williams remarked that this case diftered from

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cians and Surgeons, held in Washington last September,

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bility in the lower extremities, simultaneously with yellow