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thyroid states lodo Niacin is also of value in suppressing the symptoms of
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of examination of cerebrospinal fluid transudates and exudates are taught.
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intestines only the free bile acids exert a disinfectant action upon
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which if thoroughly applied would stamp the disease out of existence
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metrorrhagia. Its action is almost specific when there
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patient is sometimes sad and sometimes lively or excited but the
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the cold stage may be absent the fever may come on gradually and
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while in the cervix of a uterus that has been lacerated
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daughter of Hanslip Long Esq. of Carlton Cambridgeshire on February coth.
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dition her pulse came down to but never below that. It
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days the contents of the vesicles become turbid and purulent
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applications to the diseased part. Washing out the bladder has
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nated in death if not operated upon. I believe that if the