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and potassium by the mouth, as their topical effect upon the throat is of

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The Memphis Lancet for November, 1898, while bewailing the pres-

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case was that of a man, eighty- four years of age. The person

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ence toFigures-3 and 4 in preceding lectures will facil-

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affecting the phrenic nerve, but, perscnall}', I regard it as being-

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posed to fulfill its requirements. In this way it accomplished much good,

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rage, and found her standing in the kitchen motionless, and with her

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monia is inflammation of the lungs, and not acute pneumonia? Then,

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that he looked at the edge of the colored light and then he could

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Dean, the notable progress of the Faculty during which period

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of its collateral viscera, might become more disposed to assume its pro-

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> Wiener kllniscbe Wocbeofscbrift, July 9, 1906.

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and instruction. They are characterized by soundness of reasoning ;.and

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Plans for Ward 8 — NP Bldgs. (2) Ltr, SG to QMG, 7

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other men of brilliant parts, he died all too young,

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of his cell, having strangled himself with the band of his pantaloons.

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fluid, containing imperfectly formed, tarry coagula and coffee-

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in cutting through the left half of the last two sacral

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o m January 1857, swallowed an ounce of laudanum of the phar-

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frequently powerful auxiliaries to medicinal remedies, and they are some-

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glands are not already in a state of ulceration. If this be the

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another may perchance lead substances to be excreted in a way differing

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has good and sufficient milk for her child ; while the woman

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There is generally in addition some lateral or vertical displacement, and

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various kinds of food, and especially during starvation.