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historian, the functions of the affected hand were re-
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If this figure be cai-efully examined, it will be seen from the section
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enter the University Hospital for treatment either by irradiation or by
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nerves ; as well as the possibility of cutting out and transplanting organs, as the testicle,
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making the pitient unconscious of the pressure and pain.
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Kapsner was on vacation. A graduate of the University
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an attack of scarlatina. Nutrients with wine, therefore, were persever-
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ing if the specific gravity is much more or much less than
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examined, as it felt softer ; the aspiration needle was pushed
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irax; (3) even if as in the case of boric acid and borax, the poison is
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System presented at the annual meeting of the Minnesota State
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year, on the community, to diminish still fui ther the
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treatment, and doubted the utility of nitrate of silver and other local
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toona, Pa. — Patient had taken three ounces of lauda-
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circumstances have too sadly demonstrated, for national honour,
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showed microscopically great numbers of fat droplets, and fatty acid
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experimenters claim to have found in the course of their investi-
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Pills : Gelatine Coated, Sugar Coated and Soft-Mass.
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paper workers using Scheele's or Schweinfurth's green, artificial-flower makers,
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made much difference in the prognosis. Rheumatic fever
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death was probably attributable not to tlie wound, but to coexisting disease,
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reciprocal services beget mutual kindness, and it is at all times better
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pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of levodopa in parkinson patients
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Arterial hemorrhoids are bright red in appearance, very
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photosensitization, arthralgia and allergic myocarditis.
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pigs for each successive day. The cortex cells showed microscopi-
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of cleaning every nook and corner of the city or district where the case
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in important surgical affections. He adds that •' in affections of the extremities
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the skin is unnaturally red, hot, and smarting ; but
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left lower extremity and the left half of the abdomen are very distinctly anaes-
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climate and by these gentlemen, who if not We should walk, horseback ride, practice
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no way comparable. The methods as universally employed consist first in
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The determination of their possession of all attributes other than
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more Army Medical Service personnel exposed to the risks of
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vesicle containing a drop of pellucid serum, which rapidly changes in