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The cardiac activity was recorded by means of the electrocardio-
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all the other yellow patches on the villous coat, both of the stomach and intes-
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As is well known, peptone solutions cause a marked fall in blood-
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the mildest that could be employed for this purpose, but the case did not ap-
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EDWARD H. BARTON, M. D. Professor of the Theory and Practice of
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mechanism, however, is still in doubt. One thing is certain, how-
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if not all the hospitals in the country, is part of our inheritance from
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"La diathese angioneurotique, dibions-nous, est une predisposition morbide hertdi-
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the patient complained only of some pain in the region of the kidney and small
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began to secrete urine which on examination was found to be entirely
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derably; the oppression of the breathing, however, was but little, if at all
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Meath Hospital, a remarkable instance of this. A patient, who had been for a
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very dyspneic on slight exertion. He is very tired and weak and complains
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not exceedino- an ounce of blood; for the next two weeks there were
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May 10. Pulse very weak. Restless and unconscious most of the
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or third day a new coat of darker hue would cover the whole interior of the
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in its middle, measured six inches three lines in circumference; immediately
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not unfrequent cause of calculus. An interesting case is given, with
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though very different in character, have a similar connexion or filiation. Their
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bably more extensive and complete tlian that of any other association of
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ness of the details, and its depreciation, upon the misapplication of
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the case of white softening, with discoloration or atrophy of the brain,
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out any improvement, and was ultimately obliged to give it up as useless. I
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mations observed after death have been the point of departure of the febrile sjTHi;-
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Our readers will now be prepareil to follow our author over a simi-
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" 14/A. There has been much difficulty of passing water of late, and to-
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rarely the subject of an operation. And perhaps greater care in ex-
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been previously so hot, for several weeks, as to dry up the mountain-streams.
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there were found lesions of the mitral valve and chord® tendineae. The
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liarities, such as the state of general plethora and the strength of the patient's
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