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had pain in various joints and gradually his back and neck have
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Isi from the extent of fracture rf the skull and its scat
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acetabular aperture measures. mm. while that of the acetabulum
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mass resembling in size and form the bones of one half
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alter the opinion that its answers to correpondents the first but not the
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At a meeting of the same Society at Dorchester Mr. T.
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gastric juice without becoming decomposed with the formation of iron chlo
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tals to accommodate the French army. Having performed
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resorted to when an active purge seems essential. It is possible
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and a tough exudate covers the bronchial mucous membrane. There are
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result of biliary catarrh with or without stones. There
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a few weeks the contemplated extirpation of the orbital contents in
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tion of surface tension easily appreciable by Traube s stalagmometer
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tion and a light gray exudate appears in from six to ten hours.
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stitution of the cornea of an animal for that of man
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came almost suspended the abdominal muscles were called into
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termination of hemoglobin percentages by daylight and a
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troducing the vaccine matter which as a rule is about
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mals. It is capable of cutting short attacks of ordinary hay fever.
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and vapor passing directly into the room. The apparatus
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tenderness over the bones could be discovered. Dur
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Cause. It is the result of the failure of the kidneys to
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grown on fluid mediums are mostly gram positive while the older
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Pasteur Institute and in addition to hypodermic injections
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the heart itself or the aorta to the surface of the thorax
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council is a good solid one. A large number of meetings
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ference with speech or respiration. About six weeeks ago
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the explanation being that they spent much of their time in the water.
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