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A saline cathartic and quinine were also prescribed.
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of the urine revealed exceedingly delicate traces of albumen
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The Street Cleaning Department of this city has ap
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patic cells but also simultaneously influence the adrenals in such a man
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diploma and the State of New York a license to practice
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of hepatic pulsation. There was no albuminuria and no general
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intestines the occurrence of tympanites is not so readily associated
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Meningococci were present in the fluid obtained July. Up to this time
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absence of a strictly acute tumefaction of the spleen.
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tion and counter irritation. Warm water is most desirable for this
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teric attachment should be as far as possible preserved.
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redness of the mouth and pharynx arc common and vomiting
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of the respiratory passages..This expression in reference to
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bad effects of ectopic gestation persisted for eight or nine months in patients
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varying from one to two teaspoonfuls every two hours
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The disj la ement of the heart and liver are also typical.
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Bemerkung. Das h ufige Vorkommen dieser Art und ihre gr te
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there was very high fever with remissions which w ere well
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Since the foregoing paper was read before the Association
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